The Benefits Of Link Building To Accelerate SEO Growth

benefits of link building

The digital world is buzzing with tales of triumphant rises in search rankings, all thanks to the magic of link building.

So it’s easy to get some doubts and ask, “Is it still the secret sauce to search engine optimization (SEO) success?”

Short answer: HELL YES!

You have to build links to climb a search engine ranking.

Here’s the deal…

Imagine unlocking a treasure trove of opportunities, where every quality link acts as a key, opening doors to higher visibility, credibility, and connections in your niche.

This isn’t just about getting a random link that points to your website. 

It’s about finding an authority website and giving them something valuable so they’ll link back to your site from one of their most popular pages.

Even better, it’s about crafting a network that elevates your digital marketing strategy and attracts the right audience.

And there’s more that link building adds to the table…

It helps you achieve SEO dominance, build an authority site, and transform your digital footprint from invisible to invincible.

What Are The Benefits Of Link Building?

Building backlinks to your site brings a myriad of advantages.

No sane SEO experts ignore the value of a solid link building strategy.

So, I listed the most important benefits to give you a straight-to-the-point answer. 

#1 Enhanced Rankings And SEO Scores

Improved rankings and SEO scores result in increased visibility for your website on search engine results pages(SERPs).

This visibility directly influences your website traffic.

The higher you rank, the more clicks you get on your site, as users tend to trust the first few results more than those lower down.

A good SEO score indicates that your website is optimized for Google and offers a great user experience.

To obtain an SEO score for your website, you can use various online SEO tools specifically designed for this purpose (keep in mind that numbers are always an estimation on this tool but can help to have an idea). 

Have a look at this example where I’ve analyzed the with the Keysearch tool.

nytimes backlinks and traffic analysis

As you can see, more backlinks equals more organic traffic.

And more organic traffic implies more targeted visitors (aka conversions). 

#2 Boosted Overall And Referral Traffic

Referral traffic directly brings visitors from other websites to yours, bypassing search engines. 

This traffic introduces your content/products/services to new audiences, increasing your customer base.

More eyes on your site implies higher engagement rates, a bigger number of leads, and more sales and revenue. 

To get an idea, consider that widely shared content receives 2-5 times more organic traffic.

graphic that indicates 3-5 times more traffic for shared content

We’re talking about high-targeted traffic, as it comes from relevant sources to your niche.

These visitors are gold for your business because they are a step ahead in your sales funnel.

#3 Empowered Brand And Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA), a concept developed by Moz, is a metric that predicts a domain’s likelihood of ranking in SERPs.

Empowering your brand and domain authority enhances your online business’s credibility.

A strong backlink profile acquired with a good link building strategy increases the chance of ranking between the first results.

And when you reach higher positions, your efforts diminish, and your results compound.

This is because 43.7% of the top-ranking pages on SERPs have reciprocal links.

Although Google doesn’t directly use DA as a ranking factor, having a strong domain authority indicates a healthy and competitive online presence in relation to your competitors.

And this gives you…

  • Credibility: search engines strive to offer users the most trustworthy results. A strong domain authority suggests that your website is a credible source of information.
  • Overall Impact: unlike specific SEO tactics that may only impact certain pages or keywords, domain authority benefits your entire website.
    Think about the water level in a harbor. When the tide rises, all boats come up. Similarly, boosting your domain authority has a ripple effect, lifting the success of all your other SEO efforts (In SEO, we refer to this process as link juice spreading).
  • Sustainable Growth: once you’ve started to build a high domain authority, it tends to sustain and grow over time, providing long-term benefits for your business.

#4 Elevated Perceived Credibility

Perceived credibility impacts customer trust, loyalty, and your brand’s overall reputation.

It comes from producing high-quality, authentic content and building a trustworthy online presence. 

A track record of credibility means that customers are more likely to pay attention to what your business offers.

Trust maintains a positive reputation and influences consumer decisions. 

As you can see in this survey result, over a third of consumers listed “trust in brand” as a top-three factor influencing their buying decision.

#5 Expanded Brand Awareness

Link building is like building bridges between islands in the ocean.

Each link acts as a sturdy bridge connecting your website to another. Constructing more bridges makes it easier for travelers (internet users) to navigate from one island (website) to another.

Just as bridges facilitate easier travel between islands, backlinks enhance traffic flow to your website.

With more bridges in place, your website becomes more accessible to people exploring the online seas.

This increased connectivity leads to expanded brand awareness.

What does this imply?

A consistent brand image and message can increase revenue by up to 23%.

#6 Improved Content Quality And Value For Users

When creating links, you tend to focus on generating high-quality, valuable content that other reputable sites would want to link to.

You focus on creating top-notch content because it’s more likely to get links from respected websites. 

For your website to earn links naturally, its content must be informative, engaging, and useful to your audience.

This means investing more effort into research, creativity, and in-depth information on topics that matter to your audience.

As a result, your website’s overall content quality improves, offering more value to visitors.

Moreover, when a piece of your content receives backlinks from various sources, it signals to users that the information is trustworthy and recognized by other authorities.

This cycle of creating quality content to gain links generates a positive feedback loop that benefits both your website and its users.

#7 Strengthened Niche Relationships And Thought Leadership

Building relationships and establishing thought leadership are key benefits of effective link-building.

Here’s why:

When you focus on creating high-quality content that is linked by other respected sites, you’ll get a nod of approval from the big players in your niche.

This approval boosts your credibility and helps you build stronger connections with these influencers and their audiences.

Imagine you’re at a big networking event.

Whenever someone influential introduces you to others or mentions how great your ideas are, more people start paying attention to you.

That’s what happens in the digital world with link building. 

As more authoritative websites link to your content, they say, “Hey, this person knows their stuff!”

This boosts your reputation and positions you as a go-to expert in your field.

These relationships can lead to collaborations and speaking engagements, increasing your status as a thought leader. 

The more you’re recognized as an expert, the more others want to connect with you, share your content, and learn from you.

#8 Increased Sales, Revenue, And Conversion Rates

Increased sales, revenue, and conversion rates are all fantastic benefits of link building, and here’s how it all comes together.

Imagine link building as similar to getting good word-of-mouth in a digital space.

When other reputable sites link to yours, they recommend you to their audience. This digital “thumbs up” helps more people discover you.

Now, think about it…

When more people visit your site because trusted sources vouched for you, the chances of some of them making a purchase go up, right?

That’s where the increase in sales and revenue comes in.

It’s like having more foot traffic in a physical store: more visitors mean more sales.

The same concept applies to conversion rates, for example, when people subscribe to your email newsletters or fill out contact forms.

Since you’re likely getting visitors genuinely interested in what you offer, they’re more inclined to convert. 

It’s not just about having loads of casual visitors but the right ones.

#9 Broadened Social Media Reach And Email Subscribers

We already know that when other sites link to your content, your website gets more visitors.

But these visitors also check out your social media profiles if they like what they see.

It’s like hosting a party and having friends bring friends you haven’t met yet – your social circle keeps growing!

As your social media following grows, they become more active with your posts, sharing your content and subscribing to your email list to get more of the good stuff in their inboxes. 

Social media platforms are like big, bustling markets where everyone’s chatting and sharing.

And the more your content gets passed around, the more people know you.

It’s the easiest way to make connections and keep the conversation going!

#10 Faster Website Indexing And Reduced Bounce Rates

Faster website indexing and reduced bounce rates are two great perks of link building.

Let’s break it down into simple terms.

First up, faster website indexing.

Think of the internet as a big city and your website as a new restaurant opening up.

Without any signposts or directions, it might take a while for people (and, in this case, search engines like Google) to discover your spot.

Link building acts like those big billboards on busy streets directing traffic to your restaurant.

The more signs pointing to your place, the quicker people find it.

And city guides (search engines) will include you in their recommendations, making your spot a go-to destination much quicker.

Now, onto reduced bounce rates.

A bounce rate is when someone lands on your site but leaves quickly without checking out other pages.

It’s like someone peeking into your store but walking out without browsing.

High-quality links bring visitors genuinely interested in your products and services because they clicked through from a related site.

These visitors stick around, explore, and maybe even buy something. 

That’s how you get more engaged visitors and reduce bounce rates.

#11 Uncovered New Business And Revenue Opportunities

A link from a popular blog in your niche could introduce your brand to an audience that’s already interested in what you offer but didn’t know you existed.

Or, a mention in an online forum could start a conversation around your product, leading to direct sales or even partnership opportunities.

Each new link has the potential to spread the word about your business to new circles, creating revenue streams you have yet to explore.

No More Doubts About Link Building Benefits

So, you’ve got a good look at how awesome link building can be for your site, right?

Getting links from other big-name sites improves your visibility and trust.

It actually elevates your entire business to the next level. 

So, why wait?

Start now applying what you’ve learned.

You can write a guest post, team up with others for cool projects, or share great stuff that gets people talking.

The digital world is vast, and with each link you create, you’re making your mark and getting closer to where you want to be.

Let’s get linking!

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